Vigilance System is aimed at improving the protection of public health and safety of patients, healthcare professionals, and general public by reducing the likelihood of reoccurrence of adverse events related to the use of Rwanda FDA regulated products.The specific aims of vigilance are to:

Rwanda FDA Core values:

  • Improve to patient care and safety in relation to the use of medicines and all medical and paramedical interventions
  • Improve the public health and safety in relation to the use of medicines
  • Contribute to the assessment of benefit, harm, effectiveness and risk of medicines, encouraging their safe, rational and more effective (including cost-effective) use, and
  • Promote understanding, education and clinical training in vigilance and its effective communication to the public

Post marketing surveillance (PMS) is the practice of monitoring the safety of a regulated products after they have been released on the market to ensure that they still meet the prescribed quality standards. Licensed premises, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have responsibility to comply with good storage and distribution practices, and are subjected to periodic inspections by Rwanda FDA.

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